The people of Saaremaa and Muhula held a song festival in their county on Saturday night, which was postponed for several years due to the coronavirus.

ERR Saaremaa correspondent Margus Muld, who was at the song festival, told "Aktuualne kaamera" that the singers and spectators have been waiting for the song festival for six years, because they last sang together in the courtyard of Kuressaare castle in 2016.

Ester Soe, the artistic director of the 52nd Saare County Song Festival, said that this year's song festival will be attended by nearly 1,200 singers and wind players from both Saaremaa and the mainland.

"I think it's a very proud number. Most of the song festivals in Saaremaa are on the border of 1000 participants. Some guest choirs and guest wind orchestra are also from the mainland. We've had some nice weather in the evening.

In fact, this song festival should have taken place already in 2020.

"We have been preparing for the 52nd song festival called "On the Road" for almost three seasons.

Source: ERR

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