On Monday, U.S. Allied forces fired on naval targets north of the Undva Peninsula in Saaremaa using the M142 HIMARS multi-missile launcher.

Near the Undva, the same targets were attacked by US A-10 attack planes. The entire operation took place under the control of the Estonian command and coordination elements.

"Following a call for fire assistance from Estonia, we set targets in cooperation with the Estonian unit, transmitted this information digitally to a battalion under my command, and performed the task flawlessly," Colonel Chris McKee, commander of the 169th US Artillery Brigade in Saaremaa, described.

The shootings were part of the Allied joint exercise Defender Europe 22 and the Estonian Defense Forces exercise Siil 2022.

The long-range multi-missile system allows high-value targets to be attacked over long distances. Multi-shotguns use shoot-and-go tactics to prevent a backlash from an opponent.

Weapon systems use precision ammunition with a large range, which can shoot more than 300 kilometers. The main tasks of multi-shotguns on the battlefield are to suppress and destroy high-value targets at the level of the enemy operation and to eliminate potential threats before they occur.

Source: ERR

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