The rural municipality on the island of Saaremaa is to be governed by a tripartite coalition consisting of the Reform Party, the Center Party, and the Terve Saaremaa electoral alliance.

Madis Kallas (Terve Saaremaa) will be municipal mayor, a role he had previously held until April 2020, while Jaanus Tamkivi (Reform) will be the municipal council chair.

The deal was signed Friday, while the number of deputy mayors has been cut from five to four.

As to policies, Kallas said that: "We will reduce the deductible rate for parents of kindergarten children, whether it be food allowances or kindergarten fees."

Tamkivi highlighted the need for high-speed internet availability across the island, area 2,673 sq km , population c. 31,400.

He said: "It is significant that people want to work remotely, which will enable them also to work in the Saaremaa's 'new' economy."

Another municipal government member, Mihkel Undrest, stressed the importance of road improvements.

Madis Kallas resigned as municipal mayor in April 2020 at a time when Saaremaa – one of the first regions of Estonia to see a significant coronavirus outbreak after a visiting sports team from Italy reportedly brought the virus in – was one of the worst hit areas in terms of rates, not only in Estonia but throughout Europe and beyond.

He expressed a desire to return to the role shortly before the election last month. Mikk Tuisk had been municipal mayor in the intervening time.

Councils are likely to have to take up their seats in the last week of November, pending official confirmation of the October 17 election results.

Source: ERR

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